SEE Design 3 Peaks - e-Raffle Terms and Conditions

  1. Write to SEE Design, 12 Stoney St, London SE1 9AD for a list of winners.
  2. For every £5 donated you have 1 in the total amount of donations chance divided by 5 to win.
  3. In all calculations of the amount of donations we will exclude amounts contributed by gift aid.
  4. All donations from team members themselves are excluded.
  5. Your e-raffle ticket numbers correspond chronologically to when you donated. So if you donated the first £10 we received you have e-raffle number 1 and 2.
  6. We will use to select a random whole number on August 20 between the total amount of donations divided by 5.
  7. If a number is selected that corresponds to your e-raffle ticket you will be contacted by email or phone.
  8. If we do not receive a response in our attempt to contact you within 5 working days your prize will be forfeited.
  9. Winner may take cash prize (sent by online bank transfer to nominated sort code and account number, or IBAN number) of £GBP239 instead of PS3 160GB – less any bank charges applicable.
  10. Competition is open to friends and family of the promoters; but not open to the challenge participants themselves.
  11. Competition governed and run under the laws of England and Wales; and actively promoted and managed only in that territory.
  12. Guaranteed prizes t-shirts and Playsation 3 only. All other prizes are subject to availability. Please note we have 2XL, 2L, 2M and 2S T-Shirts. If a prior winner has already selected your size we are unfortunately unable to print more t-shirts.
  13. R Holdings Ltd. is not liable for any loss or injury resulting from entry of this e-raffle.
  14. Any disputes will be resolved over email
  15. The awarding of prizes / winners on August 20 selected is final.
  16. Unclaimed prizes from the initial draw may at the sole discretion of R Holdings Ltd. be awarded to further random draws of e-raffle tickets within 6 months of the draw on August 20.